About Norma

My life began during a revolution in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where my parents were missionaries. On the world stage, the world powers were battling it out in World War II. I was nine years old when Eva Peron inspired Argentina with her Balcony speech from the Casa Rosada and Juan Peron became Argentina’s President. What followed was another Argentine Revolution. I was 13 when my parents were assigned as missionaries to Cuba. Then the Cuban Revolution shook the world as Fidel Castro rode into Havana on a tank with his revolutionary guard. Cuba became a puppet of the Soviet Union and Cuba was changed forever.

My college years were marked by horrific news and staccato screen shots from a distant war-torn Vietnam. My peers became hippies and love children, barefooted and stoned, they were enveloped in a world of drugs and free love, while zoning out on the Beatles and Woodstock. And the moral tenor of the United States was changed forever.

As teens, both my husband and I sensed God’s call upon our lives to serve Him and our denomination as missionaries. He gave us a calling and a vision; He showed us the need and gave us the place to serve in Latin America and the Middle East. After 52 years of service with 30 of those as missionaries, we can witness to seeing many people come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. And their lives are changed forever.

I’ve lived through revolutions, wars, earthquakes, tornados and storms, accidents and a miscarriage. We were threatened with kidnapping in a Middle Eastern country and were whisked out of the city at midnight by US Embassy personnel. I
have lived long and well and have watched governments rise and fall. But I’m reminded of God’s Word which loudly proclaims:

“Heaven and earth will pass away. But my Word will last forever”. Matthew 24:35 NIV

Today I sit in a retirement village, watching sea gulls float over the water while Sand Cranes amble along as graceful queens. I see billowing clouds forming in the west as the sun prepares for her magnificent exit to her nightly repose. I realize that my experiences have changed me forever and before the sun sets in my life, I want to do all I can to reach the lost for Christ and help change lives forever.

Rev. Norma L. Brunson